Gaetano Dellepiane is a singer, guitarist and composer who plays a mix of latin genres, electronic music and alternative rock. He started recording, producing and composing songs by himself when he was seven years old. Now he creates fusions of different genres, some only classifiable as eclectic music. He has also done electronic samples and arrangements for several audiovisual projects (including full videogame soundtracks). You can get the latest albums and singles through the store.

Singing at a Stadium Playing Electric Guitar at Concert Singing at Studio Playing Acoustic Guitar at the Rooftop


Albums, Singles & Compilations


The new songs and videos are available at Apple® Music and Gaetano Dellepiane's official YouTube® channel. You can also browse and listen to the soundtracks from related audiovisual projects at Spotify® (physical copies can be obtained on request).


Follow Gaetano Dellepiane on Facebook at /gaetanomusic and on Twitter at /gaetanomusic. Visit the blog for the latest news and articles, too! Any questions regarding his musical work, write to gaetanotto@mail.com

Latest News – Blog

Virtual Reality

The virtual reality experience can be accessed by pressing the boombox shaped button at the top-left corner of the startpage. It was shared and featured last year on the official BicycleKick.football site!


Sound of Prediction

Last year, Gaetano Dellepiane devised Sound of Prediction, the first musical project that includes in its composition the generation of sound by contrasting future projections and their actual outcome. You can listen to the first version on Pandora, Resso and Determinístico!